The Finland ice Hotel Tour

My name is Eric Conover that is a giant man made out of snow this is a bed made out of ice in fact this whole building is made out of snow and ice it is minus 11 degrees in northern Finland and I am about to spend the night in the snow village ice hotel let’s start off with some hotel stats The Snow Village covers an area of 20,000 square meters it’s built up every year from scratch and construction begins around late October to early November when it gets cold enough the hotel is constructed from 20 million kilos of snow and 350 thousand kilos of crystal clear natural ice the temperature in the snow village remains at a I mean I guess you could call it comfortable , about minus 5 degrees Celsius and now for the Grand Tour let’s start off in the ice restaurant tonight we are dining in the world’s largest igloo.

I’ve traveled around the world and I’ve stayed in some pretty cool places my time but I’ve never ever stayed in a place made out of snow basically everything in here is ice table made out of ice chair made out of ice bar made out of ice silverware not made out of ice I’m not actually sitting on ice I’m sitting on a nice little but warmer faux-fur we have some blankets we have some hot hot tea to warm the soul maybe because it was freezing or maybe because the food was actually incredible I had a plate of lavish delicacies with baked ice cream for dessert and it was probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life also the meal is included with a stay overnight at the snow village Ice Hotel this is actually pretty ironic every Hotel in Finland is required by law to have fire extinguishers so in the Ice Hotel there’s fire extinguishers the walls are lined with these pieces of clear ice with blue glacier lights illuminating them through the whole hallway we just finished up our dinner in the ice restaurant and now we’re going to the ice bar.

Okay but this is what it looks like with people actually in it since the hotel is open to the public until 10:00 p.m. the bar is usually pretty packed it was more or less a huge melting pot for for people all over the world cheers Cheers I got tonic because I don’t drink but what you guys yet we got a special offer yeah Bert just put the throw to b-roll the ice hotel was built this year in collaboration with HBO’s Game of Thrones and it was actually featured in the show last season so if you’re in the mood to watch some Game of Thrones or a film you can do so in the ice cave movie theater and also you’re thinking to yourself men this is a very very romantic part of the world you can actually come here and get married in the ice chapel right here this is where you would do it this is where you would tie the knot with the love of your life in an igloo and it’s actually honestly it’s something like out of a fairy tale and what is that where are you going my god if you jump down here off the altar you look back and there’s definitely a good amount of seating here family and friends.

And now for the rooms there are 30 rooms in the Ice Hotel eight of which are suites each suite has an individual piece of art that was commissioned by world-famous artist so you walk into this room and there is some kind of sorcerer Viking man with some big snow globe it is a level of detail that you can get out of snow like even up close it makes it even more impressive the closer you get to it every suite has a different piece of art so let’s go check out the other ones seriously if you were a kid and you saw this nightmares this is a regular room there’s no artwork just the bed mattress you can’t really tell in so I put on the wide-angle lens how big is these rooms are and how massive the art is that’s what’s that April probably if you get a little cold a nice hotel if you’re not you can walk outside here we’ve got a beautiful full moon back there you cross this little area over here there’s a nice man to greet you welcome.

There’s a fire that’s probably burning 24/7 you can grab a fur is warm up all the visitors have left is now just the guests that are spending the night in the hotel and before there’s a very party-like atmosphere now it almost has an eerie kind of haunted vibe to it wouldn’t you say it’s like it’s like really really quiet like because all this snow just absorbs the sound it’s it’s kind of scared are you set it’s this ice hotel is massive and kind of whispering now just because it is nighttime it’s almost midnight so now I’m taking the path to the heated area where we change it to our sleeping bags these are all the sleeping bags all stacked up right here you come over this way you grab your pillow then on this side they have towels and there is actually a shower here the showers as bathrooms all that this is the actual hotel you know the ice rooms are conscious to place to sleep you have your sleeping bag liner which is rated to I believe the one guy said he’s camped out at minus 45 Mike yes yeah so this can get pretty cold so you have your liner here you put your line or you jump in this first then you slide into your sleeping bag then right up here you have these little draw cords so you pull these guys and more or less you are in a little .

Cocoon I mean you’ll see right now back in my instrument this is my room for the night I have the koi pond room I’m gonna wear a hat I’m gonna wear wool socks long johns and thermals maybe gloves too who knows if I’m feeling a little little nippy electronics go in the sleeping bag your phone will die your camera dial that’s gonna die if you leave it on ice and this is like a heavy-duty sleeping bag once you get in this bag I’m knocking like I’m kind of toasty Pat’s very critical but the temperature is minus 9 or minus 10 Celsius it’s actually colder in the ice hotel than outside I’m gonna go to my room and cocoon myself good luck good night and I’ll see you in the morning are you gonna sleep in the ice hotel are you gonna go sleep in the warmth of the lobby ha I haven’t decided yet but I’m probably gonna sleep in the ice hotel I’m gonna have the camera by my bed documenting you know if I wake up if I’m sleeping so either I will see you at sunrise or I’ll see you if I can’t sleep a few hours.

6:47 in the morning after a night in nice hotel the lovely man from the front desk just came in with a warm blueberry juice to kind of kickstart it yeah I look like I just slept on a nice bed okay I’m a bit more awake left the ice hotel now walking into the main area which is actually like a normal hotel to find a delicious spread of breakfast laid out you have eggs you have all your bread you have cheese the cheese here is very good another alternative to having breakfast in the warm kitchen is to come out here to the official cold dining room instead the big table and have your breakfast here but as you can see no one has opted for the Col option because after spending a night in this place you are out of your damn mind if you want to have breakfast in the cold but after I woke up I went to the front desk and I found a diploma with my name on it which says congratulations here is the big question would you spend a night in the Ice Hotel comment down below yes or no if you would stay here in this giant igloo for the night and make sure to check out the rest of the Finland travel series this is just one video in a pretty I mean this trip has been nuts we’ve done some pretty crazy stuff so check that out down below in the description they sure to leave a like so we’ll see from a beach hopefully in the next video.