Chase Luxury Hotels and Resort Collection

Hey it’s Daniel Gillespie I herewith upon arriving calm and in this video I’m going to give you a breakdown of the chase luxury hotel and resort collection and show you just how much value you can get from this program I’m also going to compare this to other similar programs and highlight some key differences between them so before jumping in if you’re new to this channel I cover a lot of credit card rewards hotels airlines and other travel related topics so if you’re interested in that type of stuff be sure to subscribe and hit that little Bell notification below.

So that you don’t miss out on anything so what is the luxury hotel and resort collection also known as the L hrc well it’s a special program available to select chase card members that offers them elite like benefits at over 900 luxury properties around the world this program is very similar to the MX FH our program but there are some key differences so be sure to hang around because I’m going to go over all of those so who gets access to the L hrc well it’s only available to select chase card members and Chase does not really publish an official list of what cards are available they do advertise it pretty heavily with some of the cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve the United explore card but we also know that other cards have access like the chase ink cache and people have even been able to access the program with other cards like the chase freedom cards so if you have a chase card and you’re wondering whether or not you’ll have access to this program be sure to check out the article below and you’ll see a link where you can actually go in and enter in the first six digits of your card and see if your card allows you to have access so what are the benefits of the lhr C well they consist of the following daily breakfast for two people complimentary Wi-Fi upgrades early check-in late check-out and also a special amenity unique to each property so the quality of the breakfast is just going to depend on the quality of the property now these are all high in properties for the most part so generally you can expect a pretty quality breakfast but sometimes you might be given a continental breakfast and other times you might get a full out breakfast buffet now some hotels may just provide you with a credit for breakfast each day so for example you might get a 60 dollar credit that can be used per day and that’s going to give you a thirty dollar credit per person each morning which isn’t bad some hotels will actually have multiple restaurants located within the hotel and they’ll allow you to choose which restaurant that you want to eat at each morning so that’s nice also keep in mind that some of these proper especially those in Vegas are really flexible with their breakfast credits it may allow you to apply that to Mills.

Later on in the day so be sure to ask about that maybe if you’re traveling really early in the morning and you’re gonna miss out on the breakfast benefit because you’re heading out before it even opens maybe you can talk to the hotel and kind of tell them your situation and they might allow you to apply that credit to a later meal with this program you’ll also get free Wi-Fi which is pretty standard there are a couple of resorts that actually don’t have Wi-Fi but that’s gonna be very uncommon so for the most part you can expect to get Wi-Fi probably their standard connection but some may offer you a premium or maybe that’s something that you can also ask about the next benefit is room upgrades so typically an upgrade is gonna consist of something like a upgrade to a room with a better view maybe a higher floor or maybe a corner room or you might even get upgraded to a deluxe room or a room in a higher category also some properties actually have designated rooms for upgrades so whenever you’re reading the description of the hotel you can actually see that card members may be upgraded to you know this specific type of room usually is going to be like a better view so keep your eye out for that but keep in mind that these upgrades are all subject to availability so they are not guaranteed so for this program you can get early check-in and late check-out.

The big thing to note here is that late check-out is not guaranteed ok so you’re gonna want to approach late check-out a little bit differently with this program then others like the fhr because it is guaranteed there so the morning of your checkout you want to call them pretty early and let them know of your situation that you want late check-out the key here is to have a good reason for late checkout simply telling them that you just want to sleep in is usually not going to do that trick but if you have some kind of important needs like maybe your flight got delayed or maybe you have to participate in an unexpected conference call or something like that those are really legitimate reasons that a hotel will often go out of their way to make sure that you’re accommodated and the other thing that you want to make sure to do is to ask for a time that is later than what you need so for example if you only need late check-out until 2 p.m. don’t ask for late check-out at 2 p.m. ask for late check-out until 4 p.m. because a lot of times they can’t grant you what you want but they’ll try to meet you somewhere in the middle so the next benefit is a special amenity unique to each property so generally this is going to be something worth about one hundred dollars but some properties actually have benefits worth less I’m talking fifty dollars or even thirty dollars and a lot of times this is going to be something like a food and beverage credit but it could really depend other properties may offer you something like transportation from the airport or they may offer you something like a couples massage or even like a golf credit just depending on the type of resort that you’re visiting.

Now one tip is that some hotels will offer you a more valuable perk if you booked a suite so for example a hotel may offer you a one-way transportation from the airport with a standard booking but if you booked a suite they may offer you transportation to the hotel and then back to the airport so that’s one way you can kind of take advantage of extra perks and again this is something that you should see in the description of the hotel whenever you search for a property in the program so in addition to these heavier credits which are the credits like the dining and beverage credit they also sometimes offer lighter benefits and these are kind of like odd and things like a welcomed chocolate platter a bottle of wine and sometimes even kind of weird things like Chinese silk scarf so if you’re interested in finding out more about what these benefits might be be sure to check out the article below where I’ve listed several of the benefits that I’ve found at various properties so how does this program work well I suggest to just go and book through the El HRC website and you can find the link to that below simply go in you’ll enter in the first six digits of your chase card and if you are eligible you’ll be able to proceed with the booking and you’ll see the room rates and just be able to kind of continue through a normal checkout process now with this program you do not pre pay for your hotel stays okay so this opens up the possibility that you might be able to change your card at the time of checkout this is something that I have not tested so keep that in mind but for the most part hotels are pretty good about allowing you to change your payment sort of at the last minute.

So if you have a card that earns better points or has better perks maybe you want to use that card to check out even though it does not allow you to have access to this program and also note that you cannot use your chase Ultimate Rewards to make your hotel bookings with this program so are these rates the same price as the publicly available rates well that answer is just going to depend because prices fluctuate so much with hotels but I will say that in my brief searches I’ve done they’ve been this or similar but there are two things to keep in mind number one the L HRC includes fees and taxes in their prices so they’re gonna look a little bit inflated a lot of times also you’re getting a lot of benefit and value from this program so even if you’re paying something like you know twenty dollars more per night well if you’re getting sixty dollars worth of breakfast each morning on top of that a dining and spa credit or these other perks well you know a lot of times it’ll be worth it to pay a little bit of extra because you’re actually netting so much more value in savings so can you still earn your elite credits and elite nights when booking through this program the answer to that should be yes okay now this is something where you are you are dealing with a kind of pseudo OTA so you never know what might happen but my advice would be to just follow up with your loyalty program if you don’t see those points or credits show up you know in the following weeks something may have got lost in the shuffle or something like that but yes there are many data points out there of people are still receiving their elite credit Knights is still earning points and also receiving their elite benefits.

So if you already have status with a program you know that those benefits are going to kind of supplement the ones here and if you have a lower tier status or even a mid tier status a lot of times the L hrc can offer better benefits so be sure to call up the hotel and make sure that your loyalty number is on your reservation before you arrive at the hotel just to make sure things are easier and then whenever you arrive at the hotel confirm that your loyalty number is in your reservation so what type of hotels can you find in the L hrc program well these are gonna be a lot of the top luxury brands that you’ll find all around the world these are properties like the st. Regis the Ritz Carlton the peninsula the Park Hyatt Conrad I mean the list really just goes on all of those top tier luxury brands you can expect to find in this program there also are a lot of top Las Vegas properties so this program and others like it are often really popular for people to use when traveling to Las Vegas because you get those additional perks that save you a little bit so how does this program compared with the mxf HR program by the way I’ve made a video on the mxf HR program so be sure to check that out in the description below if you’re interested in that, but there are some key differences between these programs the first is exclusivity so the mxf HR is only a veil well two platinum card holders in Centurion card holders.

This program on the other hand is available to a lot of different chase cards and even some chase cards with no annual fee so you’ve got a big difference here one program requires you to pay a lot of money for your annual fees to get access and this program allows you access even if you have a very non premium card so you know I do think there is something to say about the access that each of these programs offers the next difference is these special offers to me this is the most dramatic difference between the programs and what it is is mxf HR has special offers that go around that offer you some really big savings these are things like a third free night or a four three night or things like a $200 dining in small credit that can actually stack on top of the special amenity so there is a much higher potential for higher savings and value with the fhr with these perks now with that said these special offers only go out for select properties during certain times and sometimes are limited to specific rooms so it’s not like every property is offering these benefits and so it’s not always a huge advantage over the l hrc but it is definitely something to be aware of the next potential difference is price differences and I bring this up because you might be comparing the prices between these programs and think that the F HR is much cheaper but keep in mind the F HR does not include your taxes okay so the rates are going to look a little bit higher on average with the l hrc in both the l hrc and the f HR do not include resort fees which can be pretty pricey so that’s something else that you want to check into because your price might actually be a bit higher the next difference is that with fhr you can earn 5×2 the points on your hotel bookings now this is a feature being rolled out throughout 2019 so you can’t currently do this at every property but to me earning 5 X Membership Rewards is huge because I value membership rewards that close to two cents per point so that’s roughly a 10% return that is earned in addition to all of your other savings.

So the next big difference is inventory so I searched one of my favorite cities Hong Kong and I found 3 properties with the L hrc versus the 9 properties with the F HR and also a lot of those missing properties were really nice brands like the Conrad the ritz-carlton the peninsula so these are really high-quality properties that the lhr sieve doesn’t seem to offer and again I also search for the Maldives and found more properties with the fhr as well but there’s not always a wide discrepancy because I also search for hotels in Paris and both programs returned a similar amount of properties so there is one more program to be thinking about which is the visa signature luxury hotel collection and this is kind of a watered down version of both of these programs if I had to list these in order it would definitely be fhr number one the LH RC number two and then below that is the Visa Signature Hotel Collection and it does offer similar benefits you get the breakfast you get the upgrades but some things are missing or reduced for example there is no guaranteed late check-out and there’s also no mention of early check-in the special amenity at each property is valued at $25 so that’s about 75 dollars less than what the other programs offer so to me I would definitely try to book with the other programs if available but if you can’t get access to those the Visa Signature Hotel collections is still not a horrible program to go with but if you want to find out more about that program you can check the article in the description below so I hope that this video helps you to better understand the El HRC program and all of the value that it has to offer.